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Sultry sexy stockings are the ultimate way to unleash your sexuality. “Show, but don’t tell” is the tag line that defines the allure of seductive hosiery. Stockings were invented in 1920s to symbolise modesty in an age when shorter skirts were starting to be in vogue. Suffice it to say, the reason why women now opt to buy our extensive range of sexy stockings is because the garments and the world has come a long way since then. Bare legs may well warrant a second look whereas a beautiful leg ensconced in sexy lingerie stockings is guaranteed to get the hearts racing. We are going to reveal exactly why sexy stockings is the key to uncovering your covert femininity:Some may say that stockings are a little outdated? You must be kidding! People that have discarded the time-honoured tradition of wearing lingerie stockings, wholeheartedly (yet inaccurately) believing that it is old-fashioned, really are missing a trick. However, the more daring switched on amongst us, have reclaimed the tantalizing potential of the bare skin, that peeps out suggestively from between the gaps in sexy stockings. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that many a modern glamour girl would purchase plus size stockings asswell as babydolls, to titillate the lovers in their lives.

Not only do sexy stockings make your legs look lean and toned, they also give you confidence and a sense of empowerment—similar to the feeling of wearing a pair of crotchless tights.There’s no question about it—the first step that every woman should take in exploring her sexuality is buying a pair of fishnet stockings and pair it with stilettos or some other style of sexy shoes, to live up to the role of red hot seductress. In life, it’s best to take a walk on the wild side  and discover your inner temptress.The image factor. Stockings have been the fuel to lovers sexual fantasies for centuries now. It might have started out as the attire of the few, but the status of the hosiery now has been uplifted to an immensely sexy, empowering, and sensual garment for the many. Fantasies of a powerful dominatrix who doesn’t stop until she reaches sexual satiation often revolve around fishnet stockings. Who doesn’t find women wearing suspender stockings an enticing challenge and feel a natural craving to consensually get them into bed for a passionate adventure between satin sheets.

Although lingerie forms the lifeline of every woman’s wardrobe, sometimes women have sadly been deprived of the choices they deserve. Many women have experienced the sense of frustration when shopping on an online lingerie store to find that the sizing of lingerie is extremely limited. We are pleased to say, here at Trixies we have a full range of sexy stockings in both standard and plus sizes. We stock sheer fashion, fishnet and lace hold up stockings as well as sexy stockings that combine splendidly with our beautiful range of suspender garter belts. Trixies takes great care to ensure that you have a wide variety of options at your disposal at all times.The fact that so many of the world’s sexiest women, who are praised for their fashion sense, that have often worn sexy stockings, should give you enough confidence to rock this look. What are you waiting for? Buy a pair or two of sexy stockings and proudly strut your stuff!