A sexy robe is a truly treasured item in every lingerie collection. The fluid silky fabrics and transparency of the lace combine to create a wonderful, sensual feeling as you slip into the robe: it is enough to inspire you to get out of bed in the morning…or into bed come nightfall. The fantastic collection of satin robes at Trixies are comfortable, feminine and seductive, and all available in a variety of sizes.

In the 1950s, the house robe came into fashion. They were popularised by movie stars, and soon their femme fatale style had inspired generations of women. Today these glamorous women continue to inspire, showing that a sexy robe can be worn on a special occasion but can also be an essential item for everyday luxury. Many years later the function of the robe may not have changed, but the variety of colours and styles of robe has certainly evolved (as our collection shows). We stock an array of beautiful robes so you can find the sexy style that's right for you. Robes are not only versatile, but, due to their side-tie closure, are guaranteed to fit a variety of body shapes and bust sizes – so you can focus on finding a look you love and showing off your assets, without the need to worry about the specific size guides that are typically encountered when buying lingerie.

Our exclusive collection includes sultry long lingerie robes, as well as beautiful short flirty kimono robes, we really do have some very special sexy lingerie for you and your lover. Robes are both functional and decorative. Longer robes can offer a touch of luxury in many settings. For example, as you get ready for an evening out, simply lounging around, or to make you feel sexy and confident while preparing for a hot date. Our shorter robes show how a risqué robe makes the perfect addition to a sexy striptease. Why not let your lover see glimpses of skin through a lace robe, and heighten the anticipation by letting them imagine what is waiting underneath? Both lengths share an air of glamour and mystique, and are available in the classic sexy colours of black, white, pink and red. Encase your body in luxurious fabrics and sexy styles for a sophisticated look that lets you keep your sex appeal under wraps…but only until you are ready to show off your sensuous body. A sexy robe from our beautiful collection is a must for every wardrobe.