Celebrate your curves with a sexy lingerie gown from Trixies. We offer an alluring collection of gowns with many styles, luxe fabrics and seductive colours for you to choose from. Sexy lingerie gowns became popular in the 1920s. Other types of robe were designed to be practical and demure, while the lingerie gown was certainly reserved for showing off in intimate company. Like our designs, these long silky robes often featured ruching, silk fringe, lace, and ribbon. Get ready to channel the glamour of a Hollywood movie star and drive your lover wild.

Whatever your mood, from flirty to fiery temptress, we have a sexy lingerie gown with the perfect colour and design for you. You can choose the innocent charm of white lace and bows, or you may favour the classic option of sexy black for a hot addition to your lingerie collection and, at the end of the evening, your lovers bedroom floor! Many sexy lingerie gowns have long hemlines, almost touching your toes, but that doesn’t mean they have to be modest. An elegant side slit can show a hint of leg and tantalize your lover, or skip straight to turning up the heat by choosing a bold and seductive option that barely covers your assets: leaving little to the imagination. The sumptuous flowing fabrics, luxurious lace and seductive sheer mesh of our sexy lingerie gowns are bound to bring out your inner goddess and satisfy the deepest desires of both you and your lover.

Sexy lingerie gowns are one of the most versatile intimate garments and allow you to show off your best features. They can be worn over lingerie to give a seductive hint of what is to come, or even worn alone as a bold and sensual statement of femininity and sexual confidence. A sexy lingerie gown is a staple in every lingerie collection and also make the perfect gift to surprise your partner.